When I write for children, only one idea comes to my mind: “protect the children/save the future.” My plan is to do just that. There’s nothing I want more than to save the next generation from destruction. For those of you who don’t understand my mission, I have a short story to tell you.

On October 30, 1987, an innocent boy named Latif came into this world. “He’s going to be my special baby,” were his mother’s words when she held him. The poor, young minority woman, who struggled with alcoholism, had nothing but love for her son. However having grown up without proper guidance, the single mother of four was unfit to lead Latif through one of the most challenging sectors in society. For the next 17 years, Latif’s childhood was spent in-and-out of foster care, substance abuse, alternative schools, drug-trafficking, teenage parenthood, and exposure to domestic and gun violence. Before Latif’s 18th birthday, his best thinking drove him to commit a string of robberies with a fake gun. Latif was sentenced and sent to an adult penitentiary to serve 40+ years.

With God’s instruction and empowerment, I’ve committed to teach children how to overcome similar ill-fortunes I have faced. God saved me. In efforts to thank God for His mercy, I promised to carry out His purpose. “I’m ready to be your servant,” was what I told Him. I am a passionate writer who love kids, so God has molded me to become a children’s author.

As a Black Latino from the core of my heart, I am devoted to the children. When it comes to time, I have plenty. When it comes to stories, I have hundreds. When the children have questions, I’ll find the answer. When it comes to loyalty, God is my witness. When it comes to making a difference, I am the difference maker. When the children need guidance, my books will lead the way. And when it comes to maintaining innocent smiles, I will sacrifice anything.

Short Bio

Latif Amod Torres-Robinson was born October 30, 1987, in Richmond, Virginia. He began writing music at 10-years old and was on the path of becoming a young gospel rap star. At age 14, Latif’s music dream went downhill after he became addicted to marijuana. He later hungout in the streets and lived a life of troubles. By the time Latif was 17, he had committed a string of robberies with a fake gun. Despite no victim being injured, he received a 40-year sentence for his crimes. Latif is currently incarcerated in Virginia.

Stay Focused, Stay Free’ Colors and What They Represent

Stay Focused, Stay Free’ colors are blue, red, and white. As a prideful Dominican-American and a man who works for his self-independence, Latif Torres-Robinson chose the national colors of the United States of America and Dominican Republic to represent his brand. “What both countries did to claim their independence and liberty is a great example of how to Stay Focused, Stay Free.” Latif explained.