Being a College Tutor

When I think about the word reflection, I imagine myself standing in front of my mirror looking at the background. What’s behind me is a clear, simple, and vivid view of what it is. I’m in the middle of it.

In my opinion, the definition of reflection is when a person thinks back to what he or she has done–that is, lived. According to Merriam-Webster, the word reflection is also related to learning. There are several reasons why I agree: it’s a way to explore what you’ve experienced; it’s a chance to acquire knowledge of self; and it helps you understand something you may have missed in real time. To say the least, reflection is how human-being grow and comprehend life.

As I sit back and reflect on being a college tutor, my stint of helping English Composition III students was special. Despite having no college degree, my students were able to average a 4.0 GPA during their first semester. I literally mean that all of my students obtained nothing less than an A on their class exams. They were so happy. “I appreciate your help,” one of my students said with a smile. Words can’t express the level of gratitude I felt. There’s no greater than when someone appreciates you for your hard work. I spent countless hours tutoring these men, and it was worth it.

Had I never invested in myself, I would’ve never been able to help anyone. It’s moments like that that I live for. Coming from a very prideful writer, the smiles and gratefulness from my students is the icing ont he cake.

The students, however, weren’t the only grateful learners. While tutoring I studied and learned a lot of new things. Although I was confused at times, the spontaneous aspect of what’s next kept me working. I love learning while teaching others how to write. When you love something, you desire and crave for more.

Before I took on the challenge of tutoring, I was just a passionate writer who wrote fun children’s stories. Thereafter tutoring English III students, I’ve learned how to write formally, respond to other’s writings, how to do long, research-based essays, and so on. As a matter of fact, my biggest assignment was something of my interest: “Hunger in America.” Did you know that more than 82 percent of American households were food secure in 2021?

I must also mention that helping others’ English has taught me how to better communicate with people. TO say that I’ve grown as a writer would be an understatement. I’ve flourished. I wouldn’t say I’ve reached my peak, but the format I’ve adopted to produce and polish my work is professional. I am twice as crafty and it feels awesome.

At the end of my reflection, it was an honor to be a college tutor. Having the opportunity to tutor collegiate students was a true blessing. The journey was as wonderful as the skills I’ve developed. I miss tutoring already. Without a second guess, I’ll do it again. Whenever and wherever students need a tutor, I am ready, set, go.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash