Author: Latif Torres-Robinson

Stay Focused, Stay Free, Tip #23

Sin is Certain Genesis 2:17 “In the day that you eat of [the tree of the knowledge of good and evil] you shall surely die.” My interpretation of this verse is obvious: sin is certain. He (God) didn’t say “if”, He said, “… the day that you eat …”, as in it’s destined that you’ll […]

The Uncut Truth, Vol. 12

Taming Lust The word ‘lust’ is often limited in its meaning. We should carefully consider this word and the broad spectrum of sin that it describes. It is likely that many of us are guilty of the sin of lust without ever realizing the bondage that it has placed on us. Lust is greed for […]

Stay Focused, Stay Free Tip #22

Talk It Into Existence In the beginning of my second year of high school, my then girlfriend and I established a bet that whoever earns the highest GPA (Grade Point Average) in the first semester gets bragging rights. Although my girlfriend wasn’t as serious about the bet, I didn’t take the it lightly. Everyday I […]

SFSF Behind This Wall News (January)

Cash App over JPay Have you ever wondered why your incarcerated loved one asks for Cash app? In the Virginia Department of Corrections, the appropriate way for an inmate to receive funds is through; however, some inmates would have their loved ones send money to someone else, using apps other than JPay in order […]

The Uncut Truth, Vol. 11

Tired of Being Tired Do you know how the “bucket of crabs” saying goes? Imagine you’re a crab trapped in a bucket of full of crabs, and you’re the only crab trying to get out. That’s how my life feels in prison — I’m tired. Every morning when I wake up, I am disgusted with […]

Stay Focused, Stay Free Tip #21

A 6-year old boy shot his 1st grade school teacher. What are your thoughts?! Disturbing to say the least, right?! Unfortunately, as you may already know, this really happened. Last year in Newport News, Virginia, a 6-year old Black boy shot his 1st grade teacher at Richneck Elementary. From what I have gathered since following […]


July 20, 2023Time: Morning Richmond, Va. (WRIC) – A person is now dead after being shot and killed in Richmond’s Fairfield Court neighborhood. Richmond officers were called to respond to a shooting in the 2100 block of Newbourne Street at 7:21 a.m. Thursday morning. Upon arrival, they found a man who had been shot. The […]

Stay Focused, Stay Free Poetically #2

“UNITED PEOPLE OF AMERICA” “Injustice is the opposite of justice,refer to Webster’s dictionary,the idea to strategically correct this,have you ever needed more clarity?,fight for our right,this is bigger than you,but make sure it’s right,because nothing beats the truth,inequality is the opposite of equality,review your reference,understanding, community leadership, and inspiring qualities,not negative nor violent responses,justice and […]

Stay Focused, Stay Free Tip #20

“Is Inequality Systemic Racism?” “Why don’t we have laptops?” was what I curiously asked my science teacher at John F. Kennedy high school in Richmond, Virginia. “Well … I have no idea,” my teacher said as her head movement matched her disappointment. It was an open-ended question in which she didn’t have an answer for. […]