Author: Latif Torres-Robinson


July 20, 2023Time: Morning Richmond, Va. (WRIC) – A person is now dead after being shot and killed in Richmond’s Fairfield Court neighborhood. Richmond officers were called to respond to a shooting in the 2100 block of Newbourne Street at 7:21 a.m. Thursday morning. Upon arrival, they found a man who had been shot. The […]

Stay Focused, Stay Free Poetically #2

“UNITED PEOPLE OF AMERICA” “Injustice is the opposite of justice,refer to Webster’s dictionary,the idea to strategically correct this,have you ever needed more clarity?,fight for our right,this is bigger than you,but make sure it’s right,because nothing beats the truth,inequality is the opposite of equality,review your reference,understanding, community leadership, and inspiring qualities,not negative nor violent responses,justice and […]

Stay Focused, Stay Free Tip #20

“Is Inequality Systemic Racism?” “Why don’t we have laptops?” was what I curiously asked my science teacher at John F. Kennedy high school in Richmond, Virginia. “Well … I have no idea,” my teacher said as her head movement matched her disappointment. It was an open-ended question in which she didn’t have an answer for. […]

Stay Focused, Stay Free Poetically #1

The Vanity Slave vs. The Man of God We all know the man suffering on a plantation, congested with toxic plants and poisonous snakes,chained by golden ropes embedded with diamonds,clothed with brands named after his false idol,entrapped in a maze with no knowledge to escape,and though he’s sheltered and equipped with food and water, he […]

Stay Focused, Stay Free Tip #19

Gun Safety Locks Last year in Newport News, Virginia, a African-American 6-year-old student at Richneck Elementary School shot his teacher. In a matter of days, the incident became a national headliner. School officials were warned about the little boy having a gun on the premise, but the child was clean when they searched him. However, […]

The Uncut Truth, Vol. 10

Dehumanization While U.S prisons have become lucrative investments for businessmen, it seems as though the philosophy of rehabilitation has adopted dehumanization. From misrepresentation in the Courts and mistreatment by prison staff to society’s classic perception of criminals, the current/former inmate receives a great deal of dehumanization. Since I have been incarcerated, I’ve been a target […]

Pardon My Book!

A few days ago, I was sitting on the edge of my top bunk, swinging my legs and reading a book that I borrowed from the pod’s library tote. “What’s poppin’ bruh?” Lil Boii interrupted me. Remembering when I was his age, I understood the young man’s impulsive behavior. “What’s going on, lil bruh?” I […]

The Uncut Truth, Vol. 9

What Beth Saw in Me When I was an adolescent, I was curious about Elvis Presley. I know a lot of things about Elvis – from his songs to his electrifying performances. Beth, who was the wife of my stepfather’s longest client, was an Elvis super fanatic. If you went to Beth’s house, you would […]

The Uncut Truth, Vol. 8

Prison Mentality Written by: Peter SheltonEdited by: Latif Torres-Robinson This is prison life through my eyes. First, let me introduce myself and give you a quick summary of who I am. My name is Peter Obryan Shelton. I was born on February 25, 1982, and I’m the oldest of 8 siblings – 3 brothers and […]