Halloween Feud

A game idea for teachers.

With Covid-19 cases on the rise, this year’s trick-or-treat may be more of a trick than a treat. Likewise last year, our children may not be able to put on their favorite customs and knock on doors for candy. So I have an idea. In efforts to ensure our kids have a Halloween, I’ve created “Halloween Fued.” It’s a fun, no lose, everyone wins game. The end goal is that every child gets a bag of candy for Halloween. If possible, it would very much please me if every teacher and/or adult adopt this game. And do have a lot of fun!


A children’s trivial game.

How to play:

Players are placed into groups of 3, 4, or 5 – depending on total number of players; for example, if there’s 18 students in a class, then it should be 6 groups of 3 players.

Each group should have a team name or number, and a captain who’ll represent them. Only the team captain can answer questions.

Make cards with a question on each one; for example, if there’s five groups, make 25 cards. The teacher or designated host has to shuffle cards before start of game.

By order of host’s decision (routinely or consecutively), each team is asked five true or false questions. Rather than saying true or false, the team captain has to say either trick (false) or treat (true). If he/she does not use the words trick or treat, that team forfeits their turn.

When asked a question, the team only has 10 seconds to answer.

If the team answers correctly, that team receives a bag of candy 5x the amount of players; for example, if the team has 3 players, that team shall receive a total of 15 pieces of candy. If the team answers wrongly, each player on that team shall receive 1-3 pieces of candy. If a player cheats or blurts out a word, that player’s team forfeits a turn.

All unsolved questions shall be reserved for the post game.

The post game shall not begin until after each team has had the opportunity to answer their five questions.


Note: Rewards, cheating, and outburst rules still apply.

The post game gives teams a chance to answer unsolved questions.

Place teams’ names or numbers in a box (or alternative). The teacher or designated host has to draw from the box/alternative. Whichever team name or number is drawn is asked an unsolved question.

To ensure equality and fairness, if the team answers correctly, that teams’ name/number should be excluded from the draw box/alternative – at teacher’s or host’s discretion – for the next 2-3 draws.

If the team answers wrongly, the unsolved question is disqualified, and that team should only be excluded from the next draw.

After all qualified unsolved questions are answered, the remaining candy should be divided – as equal as possible – amongst all players.