Makings of a Classic Man

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Written by: An anonymous Classic Man
Edited by: Latif Torres-Robinson

Class isn’t just a glass of champagne. It’s more about taste and discretion than it is wearing a 3-piece tuxedo.

When we (society) say a man is classy, it’s because he carries himself with good dignity and integrity. Whether rich or poor, he espouses the elegance of an honest, hard working man. The pride he takes in his labor is rooted in the love he has for himself and his livelihood.

A mechanic can have more class than a Wall Street broker in a midtown barbershop. A 21-year-old man can have more class than a senior citizen. It’s neither his financial wealth nor age that defines a classic man; it’s mostly his character.

A classic man is a distinguished gentleman. He keeps his gloves dirty, yet his hands stay clean. He’s certain that: less is more; actions speak louder than words; and that quality is better than quantity. He avoids making excuses and accepts both praise and harsh criticism with the same cool. He doesn’t like to complain unless it’s funny or interesting.

A classic man is observant, so he’s naturally concerned with the details of his appearance and genuine reputation. He is sharp in mind, body and style. He has an old soul; nevertheless, he is not confined. He adapts to present times.

Every classic man in the past was a new face of that era, a symbol and mouthpiece of his generation; therefore, the archetype of a classic man is both timeless and relevant.

Although he pays homage to his legacy, he is not merely a retro mannequin. Whether his choice of uniform is a denim jumper or a Steve Madden suit, he knows how to reinvent his suit for the modern day. And last but not the least, his vintage style makes the elders feel young and the youngsters act grown.

Do you know a Classic Man?

Note: Per the writer’s request, Stay Focused Stay Free editorial team promised to keep the guest writer’s identity anonymous