Stay Focused, Stay Free Poetically #1

The Vanity Slave vs. The Man of God

We all know the man suffering on a plantation, congested with toxic plants and poisonous snakes,
chained by golden ropes embedded with diamonds,
clothed with brands named after his false idol,
entrapped in a maze with no knowledge to escape,
and though he’s sheltered and equipped with food and water, he chases a fantasy of riches,
not to obtain independence but the mansion that sits before his closed eyes.

Contrary to the beliefs of a vanity slave,
the man of God walks a path of faith, supported by fruits of wisdom,
he stumbles upon rodents and fights with the forces of evil, overcoming the battle of modern day slavery,
he mixes the bitter with the sweet,
accepting the adversity of his purpose in life,
with joy fueled by positive energy,
never ungrateful for lack of wealth,
nor fine metals or glistening stones,
he believes in God’s promises and is thankful for His mercy,
his heart is pure and free because of his abundance with God.

Though the two coexist within one world without war,
the man of God lives for life after death,
staying afloat of the beautiful sea,
while the vanity slave struggles,
drowning into the horrific darkness of the sea.

Therefore, while the man of God keeps his head above water, the vanity slave gradually loses sight of the light, unless he submits to the will of God.”