Stay Focused Stay Free Tip #10

War on Drugs

Last week in California, a 12-year old girl died from an opioid overdose. According to the Los Angeles police department, a minor was criminally charged after selling Fentenyal – a lethal pain reliever that’s caused many drug overdoses – to the pre-teenager.

What a sad lost for two families. Further details have not been released; however, lawmakers, nonprofits and associated organizations have been working together to implement prevention measures, declaring a war on drugs.

The number of drug-related deaths and opioid addictions continue to rise in America. As disturbing as it sounds, it’s extremely disheartening that drugs are cutting short the lives of our youth.

Although change won’t happen overnight, there are ways you can help.

Whether you’re a parent, sibling, relative, or friend, it’s essential that you keep yourself updated on the latest drugs in your community. Perhaps even do a research on what the drug is and how it effects its user. Maybe also consider giving your little loved one a search warrant. Then have an intervention or awareness talk with your young loved one. And whatever ideas you come up with may be helpful, too. Anything to decrease the risk of a child losing their life due to a drug overdose.