Stay Focused Stay Free Tip #11

No Trespassing!

How imperative is it that we respect our neighbors’ rights, privacy and property? When I was a boy, I knew better than to go beyond a no trespassing sign. Unfortunately, some kids don’t feel the same way. 14-year old La’Karr learned the hard way.

Eager to meet up with his friend after school, La’Karr went inside of Thompson Junior High School without permission. He was not a student at Thompson, but his friend was. After the duo facilitated a foolish prank, La’Karr was caught by school staff.

Thereafter, the high school football standout was criminally charged for trespassing. In efforts to teach him a lesson, the judge promised to drop the misdemeanor if La’Karr wrote a 3-page essay about what he learned from trespassing.

Trespassing is infringing a person’s rights, privacy and property. It’s a thinking error that could be prevented rather than corrected. It all starts with having respect for others and knowing the law.

I strongly believe that we need to have these types of conversations with our children. Because if we don’t address it early, a child could be adopting criminal behavior before our eyes.

Speaking from my criminal days, getting away with the little things led me to think I could get away with the bigger things – a major thinking error. So having a talk about this with our children is essential. If we teach our kids about the morality aspect of trespassing, it could help prevent them from experiencing what La’Karr has.