Stay Focused Stay Free Tip #12

Finding Comfort in Time of War

Ever since Covid-19 became a part of everyday life, a contest of violence has erupted. In February, Russia’s dictator Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. “Ukraine is a part of Russia,” Putin believes. Ukraine’s President Zelenksky and his defense team’s courage has been admiring, for it’s literately David vs. Goliath.

However, people around the world have been watching news reports with mixed emotions. As human beings, it’s in our nature to sympathize for others. In one or more ways, the war has affected us.

I don’t agree with Russia’s attacks. I would get angry every time I saw images of war-torn Ukraine on my TV. Maybe you’re angry, too? Maybe you’re upset? Or maybe you’re afraid? I don’t know.

But I know what you could do to address your uneasiness: have faith and pray, pray and pray – prayer is powerful. You would also feel better and, at the same time, help Ukrainians and Russian military families. God will take away your discomfort feelings, and end Russia/Ukraine’s senseless, territorial war. He has everything under control.

What have you done to find comfort during Russia/Ukraine’s war?