Stay Focused Stay Free Tip #14

Hated by Many, Loved by God.

Hatred and negativity is heavily present where I live. To be honest, I feel trapped inside a dark place, surrounded by wounded individuals that have my worse interest at heart. Describing it as a bucket of crabs would be a deep understatement. For an environment full of hate is more lethal than little, sharp hands – it’s more dangerous because the gossiping haters would rather see me dead with a frown than alive with a smile.

Everyday many men prey on my downfall instead of my up rise. It seems as though their evil, sinful ways make every effort to take my head out of the game. Yesterday I was booed for being myself; today I’m getting booed for chasing my dreams. The old Latif would’ve gave them two middle fingers. The new Latif forgives and loves them, despite their ignorant thoughts.

Running or hiding isn’t an option for me because I’m too solid. “We (humans) were created to endure pain; stay solid, you’ll get through the phase.” I keep my head up and I stay awake because I know the devil’s prisoners are waiting for me to fall asleep.

However, I don’t want to close my door on God’s lost children, but if I leave it open … well then … the thieves would attempt a robbery. With no control of this matter, I trust the only one who can give me the wisdom to sense wickedness: God. That’s right! I have faith in my heavenly Father to protect me from the wrath of hate.

I know that what I’m saying sounds crazy, but it’s my reality.

I can’t, for example, leave my cell without a masked man spreading rumors about me, trying to set me up for failure. If I’m reading or writing on my bunk, Satan would send his slaves to distract me. When I go outside to play soccer, a player hater would discreetly foul me, contesting my humble soul. No matter how genuine I am, my ungodly neighbors plot against me, twisting my words to assassinate my character. Yet I still extend my hands to many ungrateful people, hoping my help fills their hateful hearts with love.

Since childhood, envy, jealousy and hate has played a challenging role in my life. Although it’s exhausting and difficult to bear, God’s unconditional love guides me through my days – one day at a time. Daily prayers and following God’s word is what empowers me to overcome hatred. Stay focused, stay free!

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