Stay Focused, Stay Free Tip #18

Let Go and Give It to God

When I founded my brand “Stay Focused, Stay Free” in 2020, I didn’t have any ideas as to what I wanted my logo to look like. For the first few weeks, I brainstormed on a daily basis, working my little, big brain until I couldn’t remember my thoughts. However, I was unsuccessful and had no clue where to begin so I soaked up different suggestions from a few of my creative friends. But unfortunately even with extra help, I was still unable to get any ideas that were fittingly solid. I found myself stuck on a dead end road.

The only thing I had learned from the first few weeks was how hard and time-consuming it was going to be. In the next months, I thought of some ideas in between short periods of time, but nothing seemed to fit my slogan. But suddenly one day came and I chose not to ignore my gut feelings. My intuition was telling me to let go, give it to God, and allow time to play its role. Uncharacteristic of me in these kind of situations, I trusted and listened to my gut.

One year passed by in a blink of an eye. Two years passed by without caution. Then finally, while looking down on my tablet at the screen shot of my website’s homepage, the perfect logo popped up into my head. Now all I needed was for someone to put my idea on paper. The first artist I hired was a waste of my time and money. But the second guy was on top of his game – he read my mind and perfectly illustrated my Stay Focused, Stay Free logo.

Letting go and allowing time to work in my favor was the best decision I made in regards to my brand’s logo. Sometimes we have to give our task to God because we can’t solve it on our own. If you’re dealing with a likewise complication, I highly suggest that you let go and give it to God.