Stay Focused, Stay Free Tip #21

A 6-year old boy shot his 1st grade school teacher.

What are your thoughts?! Disturbing to say the least, right?! Unfortunately, as you may already know, this really happened. Last year in Newport News, Virginia, a 6-year old Black boy shot his 1st grade teacher at Richneck Elementary. From what I have gathered since following this sad story, the child allegedly stole his mother’s handgun. The mother’s gun, which was legally registered, was in her purse on top of a dresser before the child told authorities that he climbed onto a drawer and grabbed it. The mother, however, said she thought the gun was secured at home.

I don’t know whether or not if that’s the truth or a lie, given how investigators found no such evidence during their search. After getting his mother’s handgun, the troubled boy concealed it inside his backpack. When he arrived at school, he hid the gun in his pocket. I must mention that no staff member detected this 6-year old boy had a gun, not even after being alerted that he possessed a gun. Thereafter a gun shot ringed in a classroom. A terrible thing has happened: a 6-year old student shot his 1st grade teacher in front of a classroom filled with petrified children. Moments later, “I shot that (expletive) dead,” was what the child told a reading specialist who had retrained him.

As of date, I still pray for the boy, his teacher, his classmates, his mother, and individuals whom were affected by that horrible situation. No child should be carrying a firearm to school, shooting his or her teacher. No teacher should be getting shot by their student, spending two weeks in the hospital after enduring multiple injuries. I am not dismissing the 6-year old boy’s mother recklessness and irresponsible behavior. Based on her statements, she has taken accountability for which she is also being held accountable in the Courts. I do believe she is very remorseful, and that she has learned a great deal. I hope that she can forgive herself and be forgiven by others, too. May God bless all of those kids, for they were traumatized and will need much support to heal. Please pray for everyone in this matter. #Richneckstrong

With comprehensive security measures put in place, in my opinion, I believe many likewise incidents, including this one in particular, would have been prevented. We (The American People) should take affirmative action; for example, mandate gun safety classes for gun owners with children. We should strengthen our communities and cooperate with each other in order to ensure a safer environment for our kids. “It’s time for us to take the appropriate initiative today, so our children can have a safer tomorrow.”