Stay Focused, Stay Free, Tip #23

Sin is Certain

Genesis 2:17 “In the day that you eat of [the tree of the knowledge of good and evil] you shall surely die.”

My interpretation of this verse is obvious: sin is certain. He (God) didn’t say “if”, He said, “… the day that you eat …”, as in it’s destined that you’ll eat from the tree of knowledge. It’s just a matter of when? This isn’t this implication of certainty is supported by the rest of the Scripture. Read it!

Eventually you will sin. Again, again, and again. Living with this understanding raises your level of caution, for you’ll always be on your toes. That isn’t what God wants. No matter how focused (or on point) you are, falling short is a part of life. It makes perfect sense to me. The act of sin is an example of how we aren’t in total control of our lives. But we do, however, have the power of choice. Which is what really counts. Our decisions after we commit a sin is how God measures our commitment to Him. Will you take accountability for your actions? Will you repent and ask Him for forgiveness? Regardless of your answer, He will still love you and I equally, though. God gives us freewill, so He already knows that we’re going to mess up every now and then. But know this: it’s the decision you make following your sin.

Therefore, sin is certain because it’s part of our journey. All He wants us to do is obey and follow His laws – repent, pray, and do better.