Stay Focused, Stay Free Tip #24

Pray, pray, and pray!

In my recent children’s book project, I am hinting to kids the importance of prayer and just how powerful prayer can be. “The Little Stories of DeeDee’s Life” is a series that I began writing in 2020. I’ve completed 10 manuscripts, and I’m currently working on the 11th, which is in my opinion, the second best of my DeeDee’s series.

DeeDee’s most challenging subject in school is math. She hates it. However, DeeDee leans on prayer to help with her math work. The more she prayed, the more her confidence grew. When her teacher told her about a big math test soon, DeeDee continued to pray. As it was a part of God’s plan, DeeDee passed her math test with an A+. Just from prayer, DeeDee overcame her problem with math. The moral of the story is that she gained strength through prayer, and the A+ was was a part of God’s plan.

Many any of us — if the shoe fits, wear it — underestimate the reason for and the power of prayer. Because although we (children of God) know that prayer is our one and only line of communication with God, we still have that little doubt — which is another problem we have to talk about later — in our heads.

Whether if you’re a devoted Christian or not, the unforeseen results of a prayer is unpredictable because the outcome isn’t ultimately up to you. It’s not your decision at all, it’s God’s decision.

To be clear, I am not suggesting that praying will get you what you want, but I am, however, saying that prayer should be our first resort when we’re seeking to get something that we want. If God says no, it is His kindest possible answer. A yes would be a lesser kindness because it doesn’t fit with His greater plan — to glorify Himself and to bless His people at the same time. God’s no is always for a greater yes. Therefore, yes or no, prayer is a great, helpful tool that works if we use it. With that being said, pray, pray, and pray!