Stay Focused Stay Free Tip #5

Ghost Guns

The parents of a Georgia teen are counting their blessings. A 13-year old boy purchased untraceable gun parts by shopping for “ghost guns” online. Without difficulty he put the gun parts together, then accidentally shot his sister. Although his sister survived, a family could’ve lost a loved one.

Recently another teenage boy got access to guns using a similar website. However instead of accidentally shooting someone, this child became an illegal gun retailer. How disturbing! A child bought gun materials online, learned how to put them together, and sold untraceable “ghost guns” to local street buyers.

How can you trust a platform that’ll sell your child a gun? There’s only one thing left to say: monitor your child’s internet and social media activity. You never know what your child is up to. If your child has access to guns, then he/she has access to drugs and other bad things that a parent doesn’t want in the hands of their children. In my opinion, no child should have privacy when it comes to networking with a cold, dangerous world. To help prevent similar or even worse situations for your child, it wouldn’t hurt to check to see what your child is browsing right now.