Stay Focused Stay Free Tip #8

Secure Your Guns

According to a Virginia Chief of Police, there was an alarming rise in gun thefts in 2021. Richmond police chief said that out of all the firearms seized, half of them were reported stolen. However, the most disturbing news isn’t the increase in gun thefts; it’s the people who are getting caught with these stolen firearms–minors.

In the capital of Virginia, minors were the primary suspects in the gun theft. Most of those guns were used in violent crimes. Is it true that our kids are behind the gun violence in our community?

Whether you want to beieve it or not, our youth are stealing guns and using them in acts of violence. This is not good and it has to stop. If you own a gun, please keep it in a secured location. A safe, for example, is a great place. The more your firearm is secured, the less access gun thieves have to it.

The goal is to prevent future gun thefts which will help decrease gun violence. We all have a role to play; do your part!