Stay Focused Stay Free Tip #9

Support Your Children

Not to throw shade at my mother, but she never supported me. For example, I wanted to play football in high school. When I was younger, I played recreational football. I was a great wide-receiver and my team won the 2000 Junior League Football Championship. I wanted to relive that joyful moment, and further my success in the sport I love, second behind soccer.

Unfortunately my mother refused to sign the school’s consent form. “I don’t want you to play football,” she said.

The incident was one of my many positive, fun desires that my mother didn’t support. As a result, I had developed an unhealthy attitude: “I don’t need anyone; I can do it by myself.”

It’s important to support your child’s idea. As parents, we want what’s best for our children. We also feel we know what’s best for our children, and sometimes we miss out on what’s really best for our children. My mother’s disapproval of me playing football is a perfect example. She wanted me to focus on being a computer technician. Although I was good at fixing computers, I wanted to play football. Rather than being supportive, my mother exempted it because it wasn’t what she wanted for me. Whether her intentions were good, the aftermath of her not supporting me was bad.

At the end of the day, it’s all about protecting the future of our children. If your child wants to do something different than what you want him/her to do, talk about it but ALWAYS SUPPORT YOUR CHILD!

Do you believe that your parental support plays plays a major role in your child’s future?