Stay Focused, Stay Free Tips #2

Bad Vibes

Hope Village is a public housing complex in Central Virginia. Mostly tenants of minority backgrounds. The apartments’ population changes quite a bit – which means kids are always looking for friends. Markas is a smart, 11-year old boy who lives with his single mother.

One day Markas and his best friend, Jeremy, welcomed a new kid on the block. “Y’all can just call me Flame,” the new boy said. Flame, 12, use of his nickname instead of his real name seemed odd to Markas. As the trio walked and talked, Flame expressed his strong interest in guns. “A 12-year old with a gun is illegal. Why is he infatuated with breaking the law? I think Flame is a troublemaker.” Markas thought privately.

The next day, Markas and Jeremy shared thoughts on Flame. “How do you know Flame is a bad person?” Jeremy asked. “I don’t know for sure, but my gut is telling me that Flame is trouble,” Markas said. Without further questioning, Jeremy trusted and listened to Markas’ instinct. After that day, Markas and his best friend stayed away from Flame.

Years later, Flame was fatally shot by a rival gang member. And because they chose to stay focused, Markas and Jeremy are still alive and continue to stay free.

We must be able to pick up on negative energy for our best interest.

Speaking from a Christian’s point of view, I believe our intuition is one of God’s lines of communication; it’s how He speaks to us. We ignore our gut too many times. Why do we resist the truth? The answer isn’t important. What is relevant, however, is do we really believe in ourselves. How many times have you gone against your gut (not your heart), and wished you haven’t? Aren’t you tired of snapping your fingers then saying, “Darn! Something told me …” Needless to say, it’s time for us to follow that quiet, powerful voice inside us.

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