Stay Focused, Stay Free Tips #3

Watch Your Mouth!

A few days ago, an associate and I had a conversation about how children utilize Google search to learn about unfamiliar words they hear people say. My associate, Astro (that’s his nickname), shared with me how his 6-year old nephew, Micah, had used Google Voice to learn what the word murder meant. It was no surprise that images of homicide scenes, fatal bullet and knife wounds, and dead bodies laying in puddles of blood appeared. Scared out of his mind, Micah ran to show his mother the horrifying pictures.

“How did you get this?” Micah’s mother asked. Micah explained to his concerned mother how he had Googled murder. When his mother asked him why did he Google murder, Micah looked his mother in her eyes and said, “I heard you say it, mom.”

The bottom line is that children – especially ages 3 to 8 – are sponges; they soak up everything. Because of their high level of curiosity, they want to know everything about everything. Therefore, we (adults) have to be conscious of what we say in the presence of a child.

Until next tip, stay focused stay free!