The Uncut Truth, Volume 3

Prison is a dark place filled with negativity. Because of the world’s general perception of criminals, most belittled prisoners are insecure and full of doubt. With a mentality like that, the idea of a convicted felon trying to become a politician is impossible.

Once I am released and my civil rights are restored, I plan to run for city council.

In short, I want to lead my community and make it a greater sector of the United States of America. After learning from my reckless mistakes and investing in myself, I know I have what it takes to help protect and benefit citizens. I understand what the people want–security, peace, and happiness.

However, it’s sad that I get comments of disbelief instead of support from my current neighbors. The consistency and resilience reflects on how I won’t allow anyone or anything to stop me from giving back to the people I stole from.

So while fellow inmates laugh their lives away, I’m focused on the big smile that I’m going to put on society’s face.