What if Your Opinions Aren’t Your Own?

Guest writer: David Butts

We cannot harness the true power of life. We can’t experience the true beauty of life until we are freed from control.

What if you thought you were free, but realized you aren’t?! What if you realized your thoughts and ideologies were specifically curated by people whose interests you intend to unwittingly serve?!

Everyone else might be controlled, or most people but not you, right?!!! What if you and everybody else were controlled and it was only a few who actually own their opinions?!!!! What if your dreams weren’t truly yours, and that is why you can’t find purpose, understanding or even love?!!!!!

Because the things you were programmed to think are not actually your thoughts. Take your opinion on something you feel strongly about, then trace that thought to its root.

Who is the SFSF guest writer? Currently incarcerated for a nonviolent offense, ex-drug dealer David “Bo” Butts, 26, didn’t allow his circumstances to prevent him from becoming a minority-share holder. Whether he’s writing his fiction story or buying stocks, the Arlington native has learned how to be a productive citizen. He is a stock investor. David will be released to his hometown where he’ll reunite with his sister, Meghan, his mother, Susan, and his fiancĂ©e, Lindsey.

From Latif Torres-Robinson: Like most of us, David Butts is a work in progress. He’s setting himself up for success when he reenters society. I credit David because it’s difficult to find light in a dark place. When I first met David, he shared how he has a strong interest in the stock market. I had no idea he knew how to write. Then one day he asked me to critique a book he had been working on. The first chapter grasped my attention – which was honestly unexpected. Good writing! I encouraged him to continue writing and I offered to help him. We also exchanged wisdom on how to be a better person. “Watching you do your thing gives me hope, brah,” was what David said to me before handing me his writing to critique.