My Role in God’s Story

As I was reading the first chapter of Donald miller’s Hero on a Mission book, I paused for a second to reflect on something the author wrote:

“… even before we ask ourselves what our story is about, we have to ask ourselves what character we are playing within that story.” 

–Donald Miller,

The insert reminded me of a biblical verse which explains how the Church act as the body of Christ. The congregation, for example, makes up the body of Christ. Whether that body part is a leg, head, hand, or a pinky toe, every follower of Christ has a role to play.

I was grateful for the braintease of the writer’s passage because it made me question my role in the world. I know that I’m a children’s author who writes for at-risk youth, but the job description of my position is far more complexed. Then I thought, “children who live in impoverished, dysfunctional households have one thing in common – lack of a positive role model.” If troubled kids had “someone” discouraging them from picking up guns and selling drugs, then they would have other choices. Furthermore, if they had “someone” who could show them different things, then they may be inspired to make better life decisions.

My agenda supports that my character is that “someone”. I am one of many voices here to help inner-city/at-risk youth to stay focused stay free. With this revelation of what part do I play, I fully understand my role in God’s story.