What if Your Opinions Aren’t Your Own?

Guest writer: David Butts

We cannot harness the true power of life. We can’t experience the true beauty of life until we are freed from control.

What if you thought you were free, but realized you aren’t?! What if you realized your thoughts and ideologies were specifically curated by people whose interests you intend to unwittingly serve?!

Everyone else might be controlled, or most people but not you, right?!!! What if you and everybody else were controlled and it was only a few who actually own their opinions?!!!! What if your dreams weren’t truly yours, and that is why you can’t find purpose, understanding or even love?!!!!!

America’s Hunger Crisis

“Why are we hungry?” is what a struggling sector of society wants to know.

“If it was up to me, the United States of America wouldn’t have hungry households,” a taxpaying, middle-class man said. There are some, of course, who don’t feel the same as I do. For example, John Langford – a devoted father and husband – is a retired criminal prosecutor. Before he became Senator of his poor hometown, John’s campaign ads focused on the hunger crisis in America. John made good on his promise. During his tenure as a state legislator, he proposed multiple bills that would’ve drawn in nonprofits and organizations to help feed hungry people. As lead patron of the “No Child Left To Starve” Act, he fought tirelessly to pass a bipartisan bill that increased single mothers financial assistance.

Stay Focused Stay Free Tip #11

No Trespassing!

How imperative is it that we respect our neighbors’ rights, privacy and property? When I was a boy, I knew better than to go beyond a no trespassing sign. Unfortunately, some kids don’t feel the same way. 14-year old La’Karr learned the hard way.

Eager to meet up with his friend after school, La’Karr went inside of Thompson Junior High School without permission. He was not a student at Thompson, but his friend was. After the duo facilitated a foolish prank, La’Karr was caught by school staff.

Stay Focused Stay Free Tip #10

War on Drugs

Last week in California, a 12-year old girl died from an opioid overdose. According to the Los Angeles police department, a minor was criminally charged after selling Fentenyal – a lethal pain reliever that’s caused many drug overdoses – to the pre-teenager.

What a sad lost for two families. Further details have not been released; however, lawmakers, nonprofits and associated organizations have been working together to implement prevention measures, declaring a war on drugs.

Stay Focused Stay Free Tip #9

Support Your Children

Not to throw shade at my mother, but she never supported me. For example, I wanted to play football in high school. When I was younger, I played recreational football. I was a great wide-receiver and my team won the 2000 Junior League Football Championship. I wanted to relive that joyful moment, and further my success in the sport I love, second behind soccer.

Unfortunately my mother refused to sign the school’s consent form. “I don’t want you to play football,” she said.

The incident was one of my many positive, fun desires that my mother didn’t support. As a result, I had developed an unhealthy attitude: “I don’t need anyone; I can do it by myself.”

Stay Focused Stay Free Tip #8

Secure Your Guns

According to a Virginia Chief of Police, there was an alarming rise in gun thefts in 2021. Richmond police chief said that out of all the firearms seized, half of them were reported stolen. However, the most disturbing news isn’t the increase in gun thefts; it’s the people who are getting caught with these stolen firearms–minors.

In the capital of Virginia, minors were the primary suspects in the gun theft. Most of those guns were used in violent crimes. Is it true that our kids are behind the gun violence in our community?

Whether you want to beieve it or not, our youth are stealing guns and using them in acts of violence. This is not good and it has to stop. If you own a gun, please keep it in a secured location. A safe, for example, is a great place. The more your firearm is secured, the less access gun thieves have to it.

The goal is to prevent future gun thefts which will help decrease gun violence. We all have a role to play; do your part!

The Uncut Truth, Volume 3

Prison is a dark place filled with negativity. Because of the world’s general perception of criminals, most belittled prisoners are insecure and full of doubt. With a mentality like that, the idea of a convicted felon trying to become a politician is impossible.

Once I am released and my civil rights are restored, I plan to run for city council.

In short, I want to lead my community and make it a greater sector of the United States of America. After learning from my reckless mistakes and investing in myself, I know I have what it takes to help protect and benefit citizens. I understand what the people want–security, peace, and happiness.

Stay Focused Stay Free Tip #7

Sex Ed

When I was a child, I was more sexually advanced than my peers. With late night access to HBO/Cinemax, the exposure of pornography and sex fed my curiosity. At 12-yeard old, the only things my friends and I talked about was girls and sex. By the time I was 15-years old, I was a father.

The authority in my life–who were mostly women–didn’t really have much to say to me about my inappropriate actions. I guess they didn’t know what to say. “If you get a girl pregnant, the money I care of you with is going to that baby,” was what my mother repeated. Other than that, my sex life began way too early with no sense of responsibility.

The Uncut Truth, Volume 2

In my opinion, good music is good music. I don’t care what genre it is, you can’t deny good music. Think about it, what is music? It’s a combination of rhythm, instruments, and words of expression. However it’s played whenever it’s on music has the power to cultivate you.

I was raised on hip hop, rock, pop, R&B, reggae, and gospel. As I grew older with an open mind, I appreciated country music. When I learned about my Hispanic heritage, I was introduced to reggaeton and bachata–which I love by the way. I never could catch a blue grass song I liked, but I did give it a chance.